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Red Rock Holdings, Inc.
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Brewster, Minnesota
Mission Statement
To deliver innovative products and rock solid services
  • New website in 2016
  • New site building in 2015
  • Established in 2005

Who we are

About us

Red Rock Holdings, Inc. is an agricultural company with an emphasis on swine and grain industries. Red Rock Holdings aims to broker weaned and feeder pig sales to buyers, be a production company, and a commodity brokerage, while providing excellent customer service and satisfaction. You can expect dependable service and open communication from experts in the swine industry in all transactions.

We have three pig specialists on staff at Red Rock Holdings, Inc. to better suit your needs. Ron, Doug, Jason and Jim are here to help! Learn more about the services we offer, and a little more about the Red Rock Holding guys below.

Our Services

Pig Sourcing

A resource that provides dependable service to swine producers who are looking to either buy or sell both weanling and feeder pigs! Developing a great working relationship with a dependable pig placement organization will go a long way towards sustaining you swine enterprise, whether looking for spot- market, or long-term relationships. Red Rock Holdings, Inc. is licensed in many states and bonded, for the protection of all parties involved. You can expect open communications about each pig source, dependable payments, efficient fund transfers, professional delivery, and fair mediation should a problem arise.

Swine Management

Red Rock Swine Management's focus is to provide dependable assistance, exceptional service, professional support, and communication to not only the barn owner, but also to the customer. The production team will assist with the following: Locate barns whether new or existing (Nurseries, wean to finish and grow finish). Provide you the customer with weekly production information. Provide you the customer with written reports of walk-through. Red Rock Swine Management will be another set of eyes to look after your investment!

Contract Evaluation

In today's competitive hog industry, marketing of the producer's product has become more complex. Genetic companies continue to develop new and higher quality of swine. Feed companies are creating better balanced rations to feed these animals, and the producer is continually adjusting and adapting production methods to not only maximize pig performance but also to remain competitive. Packers have adjusted their buying grids for a specific type of animal. These industry changes effect the way a producer should market their product. Red Rock Contract Evaluation department will assist you with evaluating packer grids, and help determine where marketing your product will return the greatest net dollars to the farm.

Pig Specialists

  • Doug Jasper

    Doug loves helping people and educating them on the different opportunities of pig ownership or selling options. Occasionally people contact us thinking it's going to be a stressful process. But, with the help of Red Rocks seventy plus combined years of experience, it does not need to be. Doug enjoys getting to know his clients and watching them feel excited about the process when getting either a short term pig transaction completed or a long term pig contract to come together successfully. He also enjoys working together with the team to accomplish great things and brings thirty five plus years of business experience to the table. Doug spends his free time with his wife Beth and their three married children and grand children. He enjoys riding UTV, ATV, watching some sports, and spending some time in the back yard with family and friends.

    Ron Iverson

    My primary background is in Grain Asset Management and Grain Origination/Merchandising for multi-national grain companies. Currently I work daily with both grain and livestock producers to manage risk profile, manage the RRH risk profile and perform office functions at RRH office in Brewster, MN. I also hold a licensed Series III level. I've been married for 25 years to my wife Jen and have a 10-year-old daughter, residing in Brewster, Minn.

  • Jason Smit

    I have been involved in swine production and sales for more than 20 years. I enjoy working with customers to find solutions to their needs and it's my passion to help customers buy and sell high quality pigs. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my wife Kara and three children Haley, Jenna and Kolton. I currently live in Orange City, Iowa

    Jim Bose

    I have been involved in swine production for 49 years. Along with other partners I owned a grain elevator / feed business and served as the manager for 29 years till 2007. After leaving the grain operation I continued to raise livestock on a custom basis, and began to work with Red Rock Holdings. I live near Slayton, MN where my family continues to crop farm. I enjoy spending time with my wife Terri of 48 years and with two sons and their families.